Welcome to the inaugural issue of Lodge Life; a new digital publication presented by Luxury Lodges of Australia.

Luxury means something different to everyone. For us, and our guests, it is inherently linked to sense of place, and that feeling of privilege of place that comes from the careful but apparently effortless blend of location, experience, people, knowledge, service and flavour that appeals to all the senses.

It could mean exquisite fare from produce grown from the very fields you gaze out on as you dine (page 7), but it might also be meandering through an ancient rainforest with a First Nations guide, where the gentle flow of the Mossman River provides the backing track to the sharing of ancient wisdom and stories of Country (page 6).

Our luxury is deeply connected to understanding value of place through experience.

Floating in nature’s aquarium (page 4), as vibrant reef and marine life play out their days, and sea turtles glide below is where some find their luxury; for others it is taking breath under the morning sun, as mist rises from Lake Daylesford amongst willow and gum trees, and birdsong (page 3).

We pride ourselves in Australia on telling a good story, something luxury lodge visionary James Baillie (page 5) can do as well as any.

This publication shares just a few of the lodge stories – the rest are out there for you to experience.

Penny Rafferty

Executive Officer, Luxury Lodges of Australia

We asked our contributors

What is one special memory from a luxury lodge that will stay with you forever?

Ute Junker

Exploring the Bamurru Plains wetlands in full flood is an extraordinary experience, but the most remarkable sight of all came when I woke very early one morning and lay in bed watching a full moon slowly sink towards the watery horizon.

Lindy Alexander

After a day spent exploring the gold and coal mining history of the area, I remember soaking in a deep, warm bath on my pavilion’s verandah and watching the sunset turn Mount Mulligan to colours of flame.

Sheriden Rhodes

Snorkelling with sea turtles followed by a private sushi and seafood picnic with my daughter on one of Lizard Island’s secluded beaches – which aptly went by the name ‘Turtle Highway’. It was truly magical.

Carolyn Beasley

After dinner at Sal Salis, I was reclining in the hammock on my deck. Above me, the Milky Way glittered in astonishing brightness in a cloudless desert sky. I almost slept there all night - simply unforgettable.

Kendall Hill

I'll never forget my first sight of the Great Room at Southern Ocean Lodge, that dazzling combination of beautifully designed interiors and glass walls looking out onto the Kangaroo Island wilderness and Southern Ocean. Looking forward to feeling that thrill again.

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